Marineland ML-22SL 30# 50 Gallon Lobster Tank Live Seafood Grocery

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  • Single Tank Model
  • CAPACITY: 50 Gallons
  • RECOMMENDED LOAD: 30 Lbs. Lobster
  • Mobile, freestanding units ideal for application in a wide range of display scenarios
  • Rectangular Systems can be placed in corners, against walls, virtually anywhere for maximum effectiveness and/or convenience.
  • Rectangular Systems are available with our patented Marineland BIO-Wheel®.
  • Our BIO-Wheel filtration module provides a simple, yet superior solution to three-stage system filtration.Easy to install, easy to maintain, it significantly reduces labor cost while dramatically increasing filtration efficiency.
  • As water enters the module, waste is mechanically trapped by a poly-fiber prefilter pad.
  • The carbon filter pack contains Black Diamond® premium activated carbon for chemical filtration, efficiently adsorbing dissolved organic compounds.
  • Passing through the filter media trays, water flows onto the BIO-Wheel wet/dry biological filter mounted below.
  • Because system flow causes it to rotate, the BIO-Wheel is constantly exposed to both water and air, thus developing a thriving culture of aerobic nitrifying bacteria.
  • Reverse Flow Filtration - Prevents compacting of the filter bed, ensuring cleaner water and eliminating the need for periodic filter bed maintenance.
  • Refrigeration Unit - Maintains tank temperatures of 45-70°F and can be preset to the exact temperature required by the system.
  • UV Disinfection Unit - Helps stop the spread of free-swimming bacteria, algae spores and disease throughout the system.
  • Protein Skimmer - Employs heavy aeration to remove dissolved organic matter from the tank in the form of foam.
  • Sump-level Indicator Light - Glows red if water in the sump drops below desired level.
  • DIMENSIONS: 27-1/4" L x 27-1/4"W x 53" H
  • SHIP WEIGHT: 400 Lbs.
  • POWER REQUIRED: 15 Amps,115V, 60Hz