2014 Hill Phoenix QTM Q4722TM Self-Contained Multi Deck Dairy Deli Refrigerated Case 4'-1678070209

Hill Phoenix
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  • Sled runner base construction
  • Standard case dimensions: 82-1/2”H and 24”D
  • Standard 6”H base.
  • Painted metal exterior
  • Solid cornice painted metal to match exterior
  • Stainless steel exterior trim
  • Stainless steel front and side toekick
  • Outside back unfinished/galvanneal, including rear toekick
  • 3-1/2” flame-polished dieboard plex
  • Black painted metal interior
  • Interior trim to match interior
  • (2) rows each 12” adjustable angle, black painted metal shelving with black price tag molding
  • Clearvoyant LED cornice lights
  • Energy efficient fans
  • Solar digital thermometer
  • Self-contained refrigeration package