Carpigiani Coldelite Compact 3003 Gelato Machine Batch Freezer Pasteurizer All In One

Manufacturer: Carpigiani
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  • A complete laboratory for ice-cream production, at the price of one machine only
  • Always works in a closed cycle
  • The produced ice-cream cannot be touched by external agents and is therefore perfectly healthy
  • Mixes and freezes one flavour after another
  • In so doing, you will get balanced ice-creams, with fats equally distributed, and “tailored” recipes
  • Mixes and freezes in short times
  • Quickly enhance your production, meeting the growing sale needs.
  • Can mix and freeze only one third of the maximum loading of the machine
  • Meet the most diverse production needs, even during low season.
  • Easy to be cleaned
  • Upper part the horizontal cylinder mixes ingredients
  • Lower part the second horizontal cylinder makes ice-cream.
  • The MIXER, to mix together the raw ingredients
  • The PASTEURIZER, to achieve top hygiene of the mix.
  • The FREEZER, to produce ice-creams, “sorbetto” and fruit creams.
  • Includes Mix Production, Horizontal Mixer, Pasteurizer, Direct Drop, Freezer, Agitator, Gelato Speed, Fruit Cream and much more.
  • Since the cycles in the two cylinders are simultaneous and synchronized, while ice-cream is being made below, a new pasteurization cycle is performed in the upper part;
  • The machine can thus operate without any interruption, to produce all the ice-cream you can imagine.
  • By this program it is possible to obtain great ice-cream, with perfect structure and softness, capable to stand the test of display for long times. This program allows you to produce great ice-cream even using low-fat mixes and low quantities.
  • CREMOLATA cycle, it is possible to change the production time according to the desired density.
  • Produces 4-14 Liters Ice Cream/Batch
  • Produces 28-90 Liters Ice Cream/Hr
  • Dims 60cm x 77cm x 153cm @ 410kg