Giles GEF-720-VH Ventless Deep Oil Fryer Electric w/ Grease Hood

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  • Cooks 72 pieces of crisp, moist fried chicken quickly and easily
  • Low pressure frying to deliver delicious results
  • Largest capacity fryer on the market designed for frying chicken
  • Prepare deep fried foods in spaces where traditional ventilation hoods are impractical or prohibited
  • The self-contained fire suppression system in the recirculating hood is an Ansul R-102 system
  • Automatic Oil Filtration System completes a filter cycle in 5 minutes
  • Increases shortening life by 50%
  • Automatic Basket Lift enables operators to load, set timer and activate cook cycle in one step
  • When the cooking cycle is complete, the basket is automatically lifts out of the hot shortening
  • 8 Programmable Menu selections
  • Cooking Temp Range: 190°F - 350°F [88°C - 177°C]
  • High Limit Temp: 425°F [220°C]
  • Shortening Capacity: 75 lbs. [34 kg]
  • Production Capacity: 24 lbs. [11 kg] chicken (approx. 72 pieces)