Lang RT30-GS Range Top Convection Oven Griddle French Plate Commercial

Manufacturer: Lang
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  • 24" Griddle
  • 2 French Plate
  • 1/2 Size Convection Oven
  • The Top, Front, Back, and Sides are constructed of stainless steel with an aluminized bottom.
  • The oven door comes standard with a window.
  • The oven cavity dimensions are 15” Wide (38.1 cm), 20” High (50.8 cm), 21” Deep (53.3 cm).
  • The oven is designed for five shelves and comes with five Chrome Plated Racks.
  • The interior of the oven is constructed of stainless steel.
  • The oven is a forced air convection oven with a vented oven cavity.
  • The air is driven by a 1/3 HP fan motor.
  • Hot tops: One 850°F thermostat per section.
  • Griddle: One 450°F thermostat per section.
  • French Plate: One 6-heat switches per individual French Plate.
  • Load control through use of Cooking Curves.
  • Shelf compensation for uniform baking.
  • Solid state temperature sensing and controls.
  • Dual-speed fan.
  • Manual-override controls.
  • Exterior dimensions; 30” Wide (76.2 cm), 35.25” High (89.5 cm), 28.5” Deep (72.4 cm).
  • 412 lb (186.9 kg).