Southern Pride SC-200 200# Electric Smoker Chip

Southern Pride
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  • The 4,500 watt main heating element heats the smoker cabinet to cook the product.

  • The convection fan draws the heat from the element and circulates it throughout the cabinet.

  • The entire smoker interior is stainless steel ensuring easy cleaning and decades of trouble-free use.

  • The interior containes 5 rack slides with 5" (127mm) spacing.

  • The smoker comes standard with (5), 18" x 26" (457 x 660mm) nickel chrome plated product racks.

  • A dual woodchip box with a compact electric element allows the application of smoke to the product. Hardwood chips are recommended.  

  • The digital thermostat allows for cook temperature selection between 80° to 325°F (27° to 163°C), cook time, and hold temperature, and will maintain consistent temperature throughout the cook cycle.

  • The smoker exterior is stainless steel ensuring easy cleaning and decades of trouble-free use.

  • 120/208 or 240 or 230 volt AC, 60 hertz, 1-phase, 30 amp, 3 wire connection (plus ground)

  • Electrical cord and plug not provided

  • The smoker must be vented in accordance with the Owner's Manual and the installation must comply with all relevant local and national codes and in a manner acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction.

  • Actual dimensions - 25 3/8" w x 33" d x 56 1/8" h (644 x 838 x 1426mm) 285 lbs (129kg)

    Approximate Smoker Capacities:

  • Pork Butts (8-10 lbs)(3.6 - 4.5 kg) each......30 pieces

  • St. Louis Ribs (2.75 lbs)(1.2kg) each...........25 pieces

    w/optional rib racks the smoker can hold 65 ribs.

  • Whole Chicken (3-4 lbs)(1.4 - 1.8 kg) each..40 pieces

  • Beef Brisket (12-15 lbs)(5.4 - 6.8 kg) each..10 pieces